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Welcome to My Moroccan Guide


Morocco is a country which owes much of its reputation to its elegant riads, the souks and the mythical snake charmers of Marrakesh; it is a land of welcome where ancient civilizations combine in a harmonious fusion of eastern and western cultures.

From the medinas to the splendid palaces; through the refreshing palm groves to the Rif; the Moroccan heritage is one of enormous wealth.

Visit Morocco and enjoy its truly memorable beauty.

Festivals & Events

Festivals and events taking place in Morocco this year range from a marathon run through the desert to the highly perfumed festival of roses. For a month-by-month list click here and if you would like your visit itinerary to include one of the events listed, then be sure to let us know.


Morocco’s cuisine offers a unique blend of spices that give a colourful, aromatic vibrancy to the food. Couscous and tajine are the best-known dishes in Moroccan culture. These are dishes of lamb or fish, accompanied by various vegetables and cooked with a delicate fusion of aromatic spices. We also enjoy pastillas, which originate from Andalusian culture and are traditionally eaten during fiestas.

The Sahara

A visit to the desert is something you will remember all your life; you can take a ride over the sand dunes on a camel; enjoy the beautiful sunset over the horizon; experience the beautiful, haunting silence and see the millions of stars shine with much more intensity than you've ever seen before. Eat traditional Moroccan food in the company of nomadic people then listen to their rhythmic drumming before sleeping in traditional jaimas (tents) or simply under the stars. Soak up the atmosphere of the desert while you sip your tea that is the symbol of hospitality and simplicity.

Climate & Clothing

It's hot and sunny for most of the year throughout Morocco. During the peak summer months it can get uncomfortably hot especially in Marrakech, Fez and towards the desert. Casablanca, Rabat and Essaouira are a bit more comfortable in the peak of summer because they benefit from a cooler ocean breeze.

Winters (November to February) are generally mild although temperatures at night can get down to 10°C. A dusting of snow is not unusual in northern Morocco and of course the Atlas Mountains get a lot of snow.

Cool, loose cotton clothing is best for spring and summer days, with a light sweater or jacket for nights in the desert. In Autumn and Winter, layering is a good idea as days which start quite cool can become warm later on. Loose trousers are the most comfortable clothing for riding a camel.